Our Support Channel is Fully Developed, not a Small Add-on


Magento Forum on Bloorum.com

We built Bloorum to dedicate you the support communication with blog and forum features. All the internet user know how to use blog and forum, and all Magento Club members can ask any question, read any new blog post, update product change log, comment and share on Bloorum.com. Moreover, we built the Bloorum channel for almost all business of Netbase JSC and our moderator is keen on answering any question and joins any new conversation topic that you want to share.


Private Support on Cloodo.com

If you use at least one product from Netbase JSC, then you already use the private support system on Cloodo.com. The system firstly used over 5 years internally by our team, and when we open more new business channels, we want to gather all the support tickets into one place, then decide to move the Cloodo system to online cloud and give it for FREE to all our clients.


Want to hire Magento Developer from us?

Most of Magento Club members is Magento Developers, and please believe that we know and understand How you are working and What you are dealing as we are in the same page with you! We are Magento developer too. That’s why we can deliver the best support and customer services to all Magento Club members.

Many Mage.Club members are providing the web development services to their client, and they need someone else to held a hand on both easy customization and difficult Magento project developments. Our Netbase Magento Outsourcing team is dedicated to work with you on this case.


Private Support on Cloodo.com

We built a central support system and project management system on Cloodo.com prior to provide the magento membership services on Mage.club and Magen.Guru


Support for over 10.000 Magento Websites

We have been providing support for over 10.000 magento websites, and we understand the support better than any one else.

Over 40 Magento Developers

We have over 40 magento developers in house, working on 50 magento products at this time and more in near futures, we using a centralize system to manage the entire development process to reduce the time, communication and effeciency.

Commit Professional Support Service

With a cloodo.com account, is free, you can be sure that you are working on your project on the same face with our in-house magento developer team, together with our Customer Services team, Project Management team…to provide the development and the support in a central system.

Customer Reviews

You can write/read reviews of our support on Cmsmart.net Marketplace and Magento Connect Marketplace.

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