Best Development Practices

Magento is most powerfull ecommerce flatforms on the world and it is need to follow the best pratices while developing Magento Extensions!

Coding Optimization

Mage.Club identified the top five Magento Extensions coding issues, which represent 84% of all performance issues, encountered in 96% of our client codebases.

High Performance

Mage.Club Magento Extensions is in a process of expert insight, reviews, validation, and best-practice to ensure the highest performances when working with your store

Powerfull Features

Mage.Club devides our Magento extensions into levels of features enrichments and plan to develop most feature-rich extensions on the market.

Magento Compatibles

Our extension is updated  for Magento Community Edition 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x - 1.8.x.x and Magento Extensions for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10.x - 1.11.x).

Compatible With All Browsers

All products work efficiently and fluently on popular web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Explorer 8 & 9

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari Internet Explorer Opera

Outstanding Support

Free Installations

Ever have to paid 50usd to request your extensions to be installed by other endor, now just send your request to our support team and receive the FREE installation for your magento extensions

Detail Documentations

Configure our Magento extension 's features to suite your website functions, read our detail documentations, ask on forum and ask our support team. You are trained Magento for free.

Premium Services

Do not have to pay for consultancy of Installation, Maintenance, Configuration for Magento anymore when you are Club Members. Our support works like your back-end IT operation!

Smart Investment

We love long-term partnership with each magento website, we are not only Magento club but your business partners also.

Flexible License

Pay a cup of coffee to have license for all magento extensions ready to use on your Magento shops.

Exclusive Extensions

There is many extensions that you can not find anywhere except on, but just pay 1 times for all downloads only.

New Extensions

We are working to release 2 new monthly extensions everymonths untill we have over 150 Magento extensions. You can download all.

Upgrade and Update

We release change logs every months for our Magento Extensions to update the market trends and upgrade the product quality, and you got it without fee.

UI Design

With admin options, you can easily change color theme in one mouse click.

Web Statistics