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Magento Layered Navigation ExtensionVersion1.0

Magento Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x
Magento Layered Navigation Advance make your store fast and handy to enhance customers' experience and become their favorite store.

Default Magento navigation process is rather irritating and time consuming for the customer as it only provides searching step by step. Mangento Layered Navigation Extension is designed to optimize and improve navigation of your online Magento store.


With our Layered Navigation you can make your navigation more flexible and user-friendly! This extension will enable your customers to indicate all the product parameters at once without having to choose attributes one by one to find the right product.

Magento Layered Navigation Extension with integrated Ajax filters refreshes selected data promptly allowing your customers to enjoy shopping rather than waiting for the entire page to refresh. Ajax filter integration allows your customers to filter categories, attributes, and products to find what they are looking for quickly.

  • Multiple and single attribute selection

    Allow customers to filter multiple attributes like Category, Price, Manufacturer, Color

  • Price filters and sliders

    Let the visitors specify their own custom ranges with price slider

  • Shop by Brands

    Let the customers easily find the products of the brands they are addicted to

  • Ajax Layered Navigation

    Enhance user experience with Ajax mode. Ajax-based navigation lets the category page content change without page reload

  • Advanced categories menu

    This extension enables you clearly display a category tree by choosing from various modes for category display. You can show categories in dropdown, together with subcategories or static 2-level category tree with plus/minus controls, etc, hide or move category filters, exclude any categories from layered navigation

  • Shop by brands

    Let the customers easily find the products of the brands they are addicted to. Show brand logos in navigation

    create lists of brands...

  • Shop by color

    If you own a big fashion store, so will helpful if your customer can filter product base on color attribute

  • Price sliders and other numeric filters

    Price Slider control allows your customer to select a certain price range according to their purchasing intentions.
    - Able to display bot price silder control and textbox, insert price at front-end
    -Show filter box on sidebar or on top page

  • Filter search results by multiple attributes

    Enables your customers to filter search results by multiple attributes and just one click you can reset filter

  • Filter Option

    There are several options to display filters – Check box, Radio box, Range Slider for price and other numeric values, and "From – To" number field. Allow to filter products right after an attribute changes its values

  • Load search results by Ajax tool

    Imagine that you have a possibility to draw the attention of your potential clients to all the goods you offer. The client is able to see more goods in less time without the need of searching for the 'next page' link and looking around the page. Your customer will appreciate the convenience and will be more likely to choose your user friendly Magento store for future purchases.

  • Layered navigation design

    Layered Navigation is entirely customizable from the backend. Flexible module settings allow a store administrator to change the look of filters - sort attributes' position, upload thumbnails, etc. – so they can suit any store design.

  • Able to upload images per attribute

    Admin can upload image to display for each properties selection

  • Manager navigation filter attribute in separate tab

    Admin can easy create unlimited filter attribute and manage theme.

Additional Details

  • Allow customers to filter multiple attributes like Category, Price, Manufacturer, Color.
  • Able to filter the search results by multi-select in one attribute.
  • Support images display for each properties selection.
  • Support both brand block and brand page: Brands page, brand logo, Brand logo on Product view.
  • Add Sort by : New product, promotion, bestseller.
  • Show filter box on sidebar and on top page.
  • Display types: label, dropdown, image, image with label, slider.
  • Manage attributes easily: show, hidden, select position, upload image
  • Allow to filter products right after an attribute changes its values
  • Load page with Ajax or default.
  • Load search results by Ajax tool making the site performance faster without refreshing the page.
  • Automatically load unlimited search results using Ajax Auto Scrolling Infinite.
  • Appear a loading icon while waiting for products results.

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A good extension, its working very smooth and good. The technical support guys are very helpfull. I am suggesting for this Layered navigation module.
Tuesday, 17 December 2013
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Magento Layered Navigation Extension
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