Magento Color Swatch Extension With Zoom

Magento Color Swatch Extension With ZoomVersion2.0

Magento Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x
Magento Color Swatch Extension displays color swatches or color switchers on the product details page by replacing drop-down custom options.

Are you selling products with different colors or designs on your Magento Store? Our Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom will help your customers understand how products can be looked at variations. You just simply assign any image from a gallery with each attribute and activate images switcher on the product details page.



Magento Color Swatch shows attributes of products using swatches on configurable products. You are able to use it for any attribute type such as color, size, and thumbnail images.

Magento Color Swatch works well on simple products as well as configurable ones. Swatch options for products' images and thumbnails can be customized in the back end. The interface and back end settings are user-friendly, easy to use and a standard Magento UI

Moreover, Magento Color Swatch extension with zoom allows administrators to apply multiple attributes into a single product which has different swatch images. It's possible to set up swatch images for any status like normal, hover, enabled or disabled in Magento Admin Panel.

  • Upload images for custom options

    Images of the JPEG, PNG format can be uploaded

  • Click on the image to select an option value

    Customers can select an option value by clicking directly on the image.

  • Vivid pictures of configurable products

    You can easily display swatches of attribute options on configurable product pages

  • Unlimited number of attributes support

    Apply multiple attributes on a single product

  • Use images for attributes selection

    Let your customers see the final version of the product they are buying to reduce the returns resulting from customer frustration. Customers can select image attributes as many times as they want to see different variants of the product, zoom images and eventually choose what they like.

  • Apply several attributes with swatch images on a single product

    You can use image thumbnail to icon or upload image for each attribute

  • Select an option value by clicking directly on the image

    The extension can automatically load images and price of the associated simple products chosen by customers. Let’s say a customer chooses green color and size M - the extension will show the images and price of the simple product which stands behind these selections.

  • View image details with elegant zoom and lightbox effects

    Zoom effect offers to closely examine all the product details. Your customers can select image attributes as many times as they want to see different variants of the product, zoom images and eventually choose what they like. The zoomer is not only a simple add-on but also powerful module with 5 types of zoom effects and a full list of configuration features in Magento Admin Panel.

  • With lightbox options you make the process of image viewing a lot more user-friendly. Alternatively you can use images together with text.

  • 2 different styles avaialbe

  • Administrator can config

    - Turn on / off zoom effects

    - Set up various zooms effects in administration

    - Turn on / off the cloud zoom - Show a zoom on all products

    - Adjust the zoom position relative to a main image such as Inside, Left, Right, Top, Bottom. Default: Right.

    - Adjust Zoom Lens Opacity (%), Zoom area width, Zoom area height, Image Width

  • Add this tab manage swatches Admin can upload images directly in stead of taking from Media before


  • These swatch attributes selected here will be the new tab on the back screen


Additional Details

  • Show products's attributes as swatches on configurable products
  • Change products' images and prices as well as more images views, depending on the swatch selections
  • Allow customers to see how products will look like in different colors or shapes.
  • A thumbnails list will be automatically changed with any chosen swatch
  • Allow to use color thumbnails or default attributes
  • Give you options to upload different swatch images 
  • Apply multiple attributes on a single product
  • Give you 5 different types of zoom
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • A must-have extension for an apparel ecommerce website
  • Multi-stores and multi-languages support.
  • Easy installation
  • No Magento core files hack.
  • Based on default magento admin
  • No additional scripts or plugins are needed
  • Increase the products page usability for configurable products
  • 100% Open source
  • Using Ajax effects to load fast
  • Support Magento Community Edition from 1.7.x, 1.8.x

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Rating: Posted By:
It has been perfectly suits my need, easy to install and c but the issue has been resolved in a breeze thanks to the support.
Friday, 28 March 2014
Rating: Posted By:
We bought the color-swatch from CMSMART and we are happy for this very nice tool. The support is fast and excellent. Thank you CMSMART. Best Regards from Germany Christian.
Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Rating: Posted By:
I had bought this plug and needed some customization work to be done. CMSmart team responded my requests in timely fashion and finished the job fast and accurate. Really appreciate your help!
Tuesday, 18 February 2014
Rating: Posted By:
Excellent module I am very happy with the module and team have full support me that was very good experience with the module.
Monday, 17 February 2014
Rating: Posted By:
Great team. Great plugin..
I'd bought this plugin to using with Magento Enterprise, and by default, this plugin is not supported to Magento Enterprise.. but, the team has committed to make it works on Magento EE.

Success full..
Fast and pratical..

No doubt that is the best plugin and the best team to use in a professional environment.


Great job.
Monday, 26 August 2013
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Magento Color Swatch Extension With Zoom
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