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All our Magento themes is carefully in-house designed, specializes on spectacular shopping style and specific online business, so our customer can easily adapted into their current business. If you are Magento website developer.


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We have over 20 premium Magento themes which has been developing for 2 years and going on releasing 1 new magento theme per month.


We've developed prominent Magento themes, working with all Magento versions (Magento themes for Magento Community Edition 1.5.x.x - 1.9.x and Magento templates for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.3.x - 1.4.x).

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You can install a new Magento Quickstart template package with all demo data to run your Magento shop fast. All our themes can support exclusive Magento extensions

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There is no other Magento Club for Magento Extensions out there, except membership of Magen.Club here.


Exciting Add-Onecommerce

Currently we have over 25 Magento extensions which have been developed for 3 years and using on over 10.000 magento website. Our in – house magento extension developers are developing more new extensions and update new functions for current Magento extension weekly.

Cheap Cost

For example, 1 quality magento extension can cost around 90USD ( average price, and most vendors sells higher than this price), 25 extension can cost you 25 x 90 = 2250USD. Also the most valuable is support timing with different developers.


We develop impressive Magento Extensions, working with all Magento version ( Magento Extensions for Magento Community Edition 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x - 1.8.x.x and Magento Extensions for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10.x - 1.11.x).

Updated Frequently

All of Magento Extensions are developed by excellent in-house Magento developers and updated frequently with new Magento webshop functions.

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Update your extensions and themes is a MUST if you are using Magento CMS. The updates mostly will improve your site security, your website performance and enhance your online business with more ecommercial functions.
The most important benefits when buying a Magento club membership is to be able to download update frequently for all your Magento projects. The update process will be difficult if you install many different extensions from different developers and they are confict to each others so you are fear of updates. With your membership on our Magento club, we do the updates for you as a members services and the update process with takes less times to affect your current business as they are products from one developers and tested carefully to work together.


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We built a central support system and project management system on prior to provide the magento membership services on and Magen.Guru


Support for over 10.000 Magento Websites

We have been providing support for over 10.000 magento websites, and we understand the support better than any one else.

Over 40 Magento Developers

We have over 40 magento developers in house, working on 50 magento products at this time and more in near futures, we using a centralize system to manage the entire development process to reduce the time, communication and effeciency.

Commit Professional Support Service

With a account, is free, you can be sure that you are working on your project on the same face with our in-house magento developer team, together with our Customer Services team, Project Management team…to provide the development and the support in a central system.

Customer Reviews

You can write/read reviews of our support on Marketplace and Magento Connect Marketplace.

Support Forum

Cmsmart Forum is a abbreviation of blog and forum combination. It is built on best forum and bloging system is NodeJS and you are ensure to have a very good communication tool.


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Have any pre-sales questions, can ask us on our Magento Forum.


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For new questions about product please post at forum, Magento team are there to provides good answers.


Discuss about Magento project, ecommercial topic

Have any pre-sales questions, can ask us on our Magento Forum 

Dedicated Magento Outsourcing Services from Magen.Guru

As a member of Mage.Club, you will have great deal with our Magento Outsourcing Services as we are in the same company.


As a magento club membership, you can access our services on Magento Customization and Magento Development service on Magen.Guru – a outsourcing department of Netbase JSC.

  • You don’t any web developers in staff and don’t want or cannot hire them
  • You want your Magento projects to be executed more efficiently
  • Your company works in web development sphere, but you don’t always have Magento projects and don’t need to keep a Magento developer in staff all the time
  • You have very complex Magento web development tasks your current team cannot handle
  • You want to reduce your expenses hiring experts from less expensive countries

Do not hesitate to tell us your requirements by sending email to

Outstanding Support is Our Core Business


Free Installations

Ever have to paid 50usd to request your extensions to be installed by other endor, now just send your request to our support team and receive the FREE installation for your magento extensions


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Configure our Magento extension 's features to suite your website functions, read our detail documentations, ask on forum and ask our support team. You are trained Magento for free.


Premium Services

Do not have to pay for consultancy of Installation, Maintenance, Configuration for Magento anymore when you are Club Members. Our support works like your back-end IT operation!

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